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Deux-Sèvres is a department located in the western region of France, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. It is named after the two rivers that flow through it, the Sèvre Nantaise and the Sèvre Niortaise, and is known for its charming countryside, historic towns, and rich cultural heritage.

The Deux-Sèvres is also home to several historic towns and cities, including the city of Niort, a mediaeval town that is known for its charming old town, with its half-timbered houses and narrow cobblestone streets. Visitors can also explore the town of Parthenay, a former fortress town that is home to a number of historic buildings and museums.

In addition to its outdoor and cultural attractions, the Deux-Sèvres is also known for its local cuisine, particularly its butter and cheese production. The department is home to several small-scale farmers who produce high-quality dairy products that are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

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Country House

€333,900 HAI

Vernoux-en-Gâtine, Deux-Sèvres

Gite(s)PoolRiver frontage
Ref: 705288
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Country House

€185,000 HAI

Chef-Boutonne, Deux-Sèvres

DetachedGite(s)Old stoneOutbuildingsPossible incomeViews
Ref: 705255
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€85,000 HAI

Chef-Boutonne, Deux-Sèvres

Gite(s)Old stoneOutbuildings
Ref: 705173
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€821,500 HAI

Saivres, Deux-Sèvres

Character propertyGite(s)LakeLarge grounds (1Ha+)Old stoneOutbuildingsPossible incomePrestigeViews
Ref: 705519
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€399,620 HAI

Luché-sur-Brioux, Deux-Sèvres

Character propertyDetachedGood for horsesLakeLarge grounds (1Ha+)Old stoneOutbuildingsRiver frontageViews
Ref: 705524
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€95,000 HAI

Chef-Boutonne, Deux-Sèvres

Ref: 705585
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