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Character property for sale in France

France’s rich history and architectural heritage are undeniable. From charming villages to bustling cities, the country’s landscape is dotted with properties that whisper tales of times gone by. Among these, character properties – houses with exposed stone and beams – hold a special allure for many.

The team at Town & Country Property France (TCPF), an English-owned and managed real estate agency specialising in the sale of properties and estates throughout France. Our team has extensive experience in the French property market and a deep understanding of the unique charm of character properties.

The Enchantment of Exposed Stone and Beams:

The charm of exposed stone and beams lies in their authenticity and rustic beauty. They tell the story of the property’s past, offering a glimpse into the traditional building methods of the region. Exposed stone walls exude warmth and character, while exposed beams add a touch of rustic charm and architectural interest.

Beyond Aesthetics: Practical Considerations:

While undoubtedly captivating, owning a character French property comes with its own set of considerations.

  • Maintenance: Exposed stone and beams require regular maintenance to ensure their longevity. This may involve periodic cleaning, sealing, and potential repairs.
  • Renovation: Some character properties might necessitate renovation work to modernise amenities or adapt the layout to suit your needs.
  • Unique Features: These properties often come with unique features like uneven floors, low ceilings, or smaller windows. While these elements contribute to their character, they might not be suitable for everyone’s preferences.

Finding Your Dream Character Property in France:

If you’re captivated by the allure of exposed stone and beams, here are some tips for finding your dream character property in France:

  • Clearly define your needs and preferences: Consider the size, location, style, and budget you have in mind.
  • Be prepared for the unique aspects of character properties: Factor in potential maintenance costs and potential renovation needs when considering your budget.

Explore our portfolio of character properties for sale in France. Let us help you turn your dream of owning a piece of French history into reality.

Explore our portfolio of character properties for sale in France. Let us help you turn your dream of owning a piece of French history into reality.

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€478,060 HAI

Souvigné, Charente

Character propertyDetachedGite(s)Old stoneOutbuildingsPoolPossible incomeViews
Ref: 705817
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Manor House

€599,960 HAI

Pressac, Vienne

Character propertyDetachedGood for horsesLarge grounds (1Ha+)Old stoneOutbuildingsPoolPossible incomePrestigeViews
Ref: 705818
more details
Country House

€238,500 HAI

Marthon, Charente

Character propertyDetachedGite(s)Old stoneOutbuildingsPossible incomeViews
Ref: 705819
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Country House

€318,000 HAI

Poursac, Charente

Character propertyDetachedOld stoneViews
Ref: 705816
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€593,600 HAI

Chef-Boutonne, Deux-Sèvres

Character propertyDetachedOld stoneOutbuildingsPoolRiver frontageViews
Ref: 705814
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Maison de Maitre


Fougax-et-Barrineuf, Ariège

Character propertyPrestigeRiver frontage
Ref: 705795
more details
Country House


Villautou, Aude

Character propertyDetachedLarge grounds (1Ha+)OutbuildingsPoolPrestigeViews
Ref: 705811
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€349,000 HAI

Saint-Maurice-des-Lions, Charente

Character propertyDetachedGite(s)Old stoneOutbuildingsPossible incomeRiver frontageViews
Ref: 705812
more details
Village House


Escueillens-et-Saint-Just-de-Bélengard, Aude

Character propertyOld stoneViews
Ref: 705805
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