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Morbihan MapMorbihan is a department in Brittany. The name Morbihan means “small sea” in Breton, so called because the southern coastline wraps around the Atlantic Ocean, forming the Gulf of Morbihan. The Gulf of Morbihan is enclosed by 800km of rugged coastline, sandy beaches and estuaries. Otherwise Morbihan borders the departments of Finistère, Côtes-d'Armor, Ille-et-Vilaine, and Loire-Atlantique.

The department of Morbihan boasts over 1,000 castles and manor houses.  The countryside is scattered with megalithic alignments, or standing stones, most notably Carnac (with over 3,000 standing stones this is the largest megalithic alignment in the world). Otherwise look out for “cités de caractère,” medieval towns full of art and history.


Belle-ile-en-mer, Morbihan, Brittany Morbihan Coast

Prefecture - Vannes

Places of Interest:

Neolithic sites - Carnac, Locmariaquer
Morbihan Gulf - sandy coastline, with rugged cliffs and islands
Quiberon - popular coastal resort
Pontivy, Josselin, Ploërmel - historic towns

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Nearest Ferry Port

French Terminal St Malo Roscoff Caen Cherbourg Le Havre Dieppe Calais Dunkerque
Approx. journey time to Vannes 2hr 2hr 40min 3hr 3hr 40min 3hr 50min 4hr 40min 6hr 6hr 20min

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Nearest Airports:

Airport Lorient Rennes Nantes Brest Dinard
Approx. journey time to Vannes 50min 1hr 20min 1hr 20min 2hr 2hr



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TGV Stations in Brittany:

Brest, Loriet, Morlaix, Quimper, Redon, Rennes, St Brieuc, Vannes