tips for successful house hunting


1. Know what you want

.....or do not want!!  The first step for a successful property hunt is for you to have established criteria for the property for which you are looking. Understand your priorities, wishes, dislikes, areas where you can and cannot be flexible, budget, timescales and any other requirements.

2. Be ready to buy

The second step to success is ensuring that you are in the right position to buy.  Are you a cash buyer or do you need a mortgage or loan?  If you need a loan then make sure you have an agreement in principle before you visit.

3. Make the best use of your time in France.

The third step is preparation.  Make sure you have made appointments to see agents before travelling, and for each area let our local agent advise you as to to which properties fit your requirements.  Plan your itinerary well - France is a big place and a lot of your time can be wasted travelling from place to place - use an online planner such as to help you. Book your accommodation and car hire in advance.   

The visits

Only view a few French properties each day - too many and you will become confused. Be guided by us as to which properties for sale are best for you to visit - a few minutes on the telephone or in the office can avoid countless wasted hours on the road! Allow for a rest day for either second viewings or sightseeing in the area you have chosen.