Once you’ve answered the questions above and have a good idea where you are going to look for your dream property, now is the time to decide exactly what you are looking for. Making a wish list is a good way to focus your mind and decide what really is important to you. It will also be invaluable in helping the estate agent to get a feel for what you want.

An ideal wish list includes:

  • Age of property - traditional or more modern
  • Style of property - single storey, farmhouse, Maison de Maître, town house, bungalow, chateau etc
  • Geographical location - anywhere in France or in a particular region/department/area
  • Immediate environment - countryside, hamlet, village, town, city......
  • How many bedrooms?
  • How much land?
  • Any works to be done on the property? - full, some or no renovation, redecoration only...
  • Budget - the price shown on this website includes agency fees. You will have to budget extra for notaires fees (about 7-8%)
  • When you are next in France, or in the area chosen?

Once you have decided on these factors then please send it to us and we help you with your search for a property in France.

Don’t forget your wish list is only a guide, and you may need to be flexible on certain points. One house may tick all the boxes but not really appeal, where another may be missing a few items but really tug at the heart strings. If a property lacks many of the wishes on the list, however, or has a major factor that you wanted to avoid, then don't try to talk yourself into it - it is probably not right for you, however much you like it.