Compulsory energy efficiency reports (dpe)required for all properties for sale in france 


As of 1st January 2011, the latest environment initiatives by the French government state that:

  • all advertised property for sale will have to display its energy label, called DPE.



Why do I need to this now, and not wait till my house is sold before December 2010?

The DPE has been an obligatory test since 2007 on all house sales, but now the law has changed and owners are obliged to present the DPE to all prospective purchasers (Loi 2010-788). This has been in place since 12 July 2010. 

We recommend that you take immediate action for several reasons: 

  1. The DPE reults have to appear on all advertising. Your property cannot be advertised on our websites and other property portals, paper advertising etc. without the DPE report.  This applies to all agencies, not just us, and also private adverts.
  2. By having all the tests present at viewing, the property is presented in all transparency.
  3. If all tests are available at the moment of an offer, the time to “compromis” is significantly reduced, thereby securing the sale earlier.
  4. By acting now you may get interesting deals with the diagnostic companies.
  5. If you wait untill the end of the year, there will probably be long delays, and your property will miss vital advertising in the important January and February months.

 I am not there to organize the tests, what now?

As long as we have access to your property we can arrange the diagnostics for you - please email us authorising us to act on your behalf, stating which tests you want done.(see below)

 What are the costs involved?

You can just get the DPE done on its own but we advise that you order all tests needed at the same time.  Many of the Diagnostic companies are offering special date limited deals and sometimes payment terms.

Are all buildings involved by this test?

In most cases yes, even new property will have a DPE defined. Property excluded include : Temporary buildings; agricultural and industrial buildings; houses without heating or hot water facilities, such as barns to restore; religious buildings; Monuments; and buildings smaller than 50m².

Which other tests do I need to have done?

For the 1st January 2011 deadline only the DPE needs to be done prior to finding a buyer - however we do suggest that you get all the necessary reports actioned at the same.

These are the reports which are needed before or when your property is sold:








All properties built before 01/07/1997

Permanent for reports created after 01/01/13

None - information only



All properties built before 01/01/1949

1 year if evidence, if none -permanent

None - information only



All properties in affected areas – see prefecture

6 months

If present vendor to arrange for professional treatment with at least 5 year guarantee.



Buildings with internal gas installations older than 15 years

3 years

None - information only


Natural Risks

All properties

6 months

None - information only


Energy Efficiency

All properties

10 years

from 12/07/2010 all properties for sale must present this to purchsers. Law enforced from 01/01/2011.



Buildings with internal electric installations older than 15 years

3 years

None - information only



All properties


1 Year minimum

If work necessary, the buyer has 1 year to carry it out.

Loi Carrez

Loi Carrez

"Co-propriétés" only

Permanent if no changes have been made to the property

If incorrect can cancel a sale. If error is >5% then a reduction in price according to the %age