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CalvadosThe department of Calvados is part of the region of Lower Normandy (Basse-Normandie, "lower" in altitude due to its proximity to the coast). The name Calvados was derived from calva dorsa, meaning bare backs, referring to the barren rocks off its shoreline. Calvados is surrounded by the departments of Seine-Maritime, Eure, Orne and Manche. On the north is la Baie de Seine, part of the English Channel.

Agriculture dominates the economy of Calvados. The area is renowned for producing butter, camembert, cider and Calvados, the famous apple-based spirit.

Tourism is also important to Calvados; this is one of the busiest touristic areas of France. Otherwise known as the “countryside of Paris” the proximity of this department to Paris and Ile de France makes it perfect for weekend breaks in the countryside. The coastline of Calvados has some popular holiday resorts, renowned for casinos and luxurious hotels. Inland from the white cliffs and sandy beaches the green countryside of Calvados is scattered with ancient manors, castles and of course typical Norman houses.

It was from Calvados in 1066 that William the Conqueror (Guillaume II de Normandie) invaded England to claim his crown.  In 1944 the Allied forces landed on the beaches of Calvados, and the Battle of Normandy commenced the liberation of France. Today the history of Calvados attracts visitors from far and wide.

Honfleur, Calvados, Normandy Harbor de Honfleur

Prefecture - Caen

Places of Interest:

Caen - historic city
Bayeux - medieval town, home to the famous Bayeux tapestry
Honfleur - picturesque harbour
Trouville, Deauville - seaside resort towns
Falaise - historic town dominated by its castle

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Nearest Ferry Port:

French Terminal Caen Le Havre Cherbourg St Malo Dieppe Calais Roscoff Dunkerque
Approx. journey time to Caen - 1hr 1hr 30min 1hr 50min 1hr 55min 3hr 15min 3hr 30min 3hr 30min

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Nearest Airports:

Airport Cherbourg Dinard Rennes Angers Tours
Approx. journey time to Caen 1hr 30min 1hr 50min 1hr 50min 2hr 20min 2hr 30min



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TGV Stations in Lower Normandy:

Laval, Le Mans

Non TGV Stations:

Caen, Cherbourg, Lisieux